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How PYaAT Works

*It is important to note, PYaAT is NOT a labor union for professional boxing.

What is PYaAT? - PYaAT is an organization that provides educational information to amateur & professional boxers about the business of boxing.


Why do professional boxers need education and information of the boxing business? - Unlike other major professional sports, boxing is not an association and does not have a labor union. Labor unions in the associated professional sports allow the athletes to band together to protect their rights, health, and contracts. PYaAT provides essential information to fighters to help protect them in the business of boxing.


What does PYaAT do? – Our job is to educate and inform professional boxers on the treacherous nature of the boxing business. Although PYaAT is not a labor union, the mission is to act in the best interest of the fighters and provide similar protection in which labor unions in major sports provide for their athletes.

How do fighters obtain the education and information of PYaAT? PYaAT is available in various forms. See below:


PYaAT (Book) - a guide for professional boxers for protection in the business of boxing. With quotes and testimonials from over 30 fights & 11 former world champions, PYaAT shines a bright light on a very grey area in the sport.


PYaAT (Podcast) - a podcast available on iTunes. The 12-episode podcast was completed in partnership with Everlast Worldwide (2017). Founder, Adrian Clark dives deeper into the protection needed in the boxing industry with tips in regard to contracts, taxes, understanding your money, and retirement.


PYaAT (#INFOmentary) - an INFOmentary available on YouTube. The 16-minute #INFOmentary breaks down boxing business particulars in an unprecedented fashion. The short film features personal testimonies from world ranked middleweight, Willie Monroe Jr., and retired pro fighter, Tony Mack.

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